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Visitors to should clearly understand that this is an advertising site and holiday home rental search service, and in no way whatsoever holds itself out to be a booking agent. Consequently it is pointed out that we never inspect holiday home rentals advertised on the site or elsewhere, and although every endeavour is made to ensure that information is accurate and reliable we cannot and do not guarantee this, or accept responsibility for any consequences whatsoever arising as a result of any bookings that you may make. Before booking it is wholly your own responsibility to satisfy yourself in all respects as to the suitability and cost of any property and / or additional services, via enquiries direct with the advertiser, and also to fully acquaint yourself with the advertiser’s terms and conditions.

Remember also, that when booking a holiday, you are entering into a contract with the owner, and that cancelling the booking might involve financial penalties. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance.

Advertisers are reminded that it is their sole responsibility to insure that advertisements in no way misrepresent the property, and that they are conversant with, and comply with all current legislation relating to the letting of and advertising of holiday rentals within the UK and Ireland, including The Equality Act 2007. will accept no responsibility for typographical errors, or illustrative inaccuracies contained in advertisements. It is advisable to write your own copy, and use your own pictures, in order to ensure accuracy and avoid copyright disputes. Please note that all images will be publicly available.

Privacy Policy always treat privacy as an important issue. We may need to pass visitor information to advertisers, and vice versa, for the purpose of introducing one to the other, but will never knowingly, under any circumstances whatsoever (save by legal requirement), pass advertiser, or visitor information to any other party. Advertiser information is limited to that gathered via the enquiry forms required for joining members, and for accurately managing our records. Should we ever ask for additional information, we will always let you know if it will be recorded, and for how long it will be retained. Visitor information is limited to that collected via the enquiry forms on the site, and to any other information an advertiser (who is unable to make personal contact with a visitor) has asked us to collect on his behalf in order to satisfy queries that may have arisen.

Upon request we will always let you have a copy of any information we may have recorded about you.


We are only too aware of concerns over security leakage etc, and have accordingly taken every step to ensure problem free transactions. We are confident that our safeguards are as comprehensive as it is possible to make them. Anything we deem to be of a sensitive nature is encrypted in a secure environment, and credit card details are never kept on file or otherwise recorded once a transaction has been satisfactorily completed. Credit card transactions are handled automatically by PayPal, but as you are no doubt aware no data transmission can be guaranteed 100%. Any information you send us is therefore sent at your own risk. may change this page as conditions require, and you should therefore observe the update date at the bottom of the page to ensure you have the most up to date information available. Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us. Last Updated: 17/09/2010.

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